Sea Nags Scuba Club

History of the Sea Nags

The Columbus Sea Nags is one of the oldest scuba clubs in existence.  It was formed around 1957 by a policeman, an Ex-Navy frogman, a county parks director, and a YMCA physical education teacher.  The founding Sea Nags were dedicated athletes whose idea of a good time was to join the Navy's frogmen for underwater demolition exercises.  All four were avid divers dedicated to sharing their love of the underwater world with others.

In 1957, scuba diving was in its infancy and quite a novelty.  The Cousteau television show was far in the future and the average person looked upon underwater adventure as we now do space exploration.  As scuba gear became more available and more people became trained in its proper use, the Sea Nags, along with similar clubs, grew rapidly and the profile of the typical scuba enthusiast changed from the underwater daredevil to the recreational diver.  Today, the club's members come from all walks of life, boast an age range of five decades and all levels of diving are represented in the club, from beginners to instructors and technical divers.  Just as scuba diving changed over the years, so has the Columbus Sea Nags.  However, one basic tenet remains the same, its members love to dive and to share their underwater knowledge and skills with others.

Club members pursue their sport from the northern most of the Great Lakes to the tropical seas, and they dive all year long even in Ohio.  It's a rare weekend indeed, when no club members are diving an Ohio quarry.  To some, finding ice on a quarry is no deterrent, it's a treat!  In addition, a number of Sea Nag members are trained cave divers and veteran explorers of the underwater cave systems of northern Florida and Akumal Mexico.

Sea Nag group photo from our 60th Anniversary Steak Fry
60th Club Anniversary Steak Fry on July 29, 2017